Always on Duty

October 16, 2009

Some of the hundred-plus area residents on hand for Thursday’s unveiling get a closer look at the Aberdeen Monument to Firefighters at Fire Station No. 1 in downtown Aberdeen.

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Bravery and Courage

October 15, 2009

Local artist Ben Victor calls one of his latest projects a labor of love. The firefighter monument, which will be unveiled today at a f:15 p.m. dedication at Fire Station No. 2, not only took months to finish, but it’s something Victor, of Aberdeen, had a part in from day one.

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Fire Stations Await Bids for New Facilities

May 30, 2007

Aberdeen’s new fire facility will have a bust of a firefighter while the downtown station will have an 8-foot-tall statue. The city plans a project to build the new fire facility and remodel two others. The new facility and the remodeling of the downtown station will be bid in early July. A third station at the airport will be bid at another time.

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In Honor of the Fallen

January 13, 2007

The figure is a firefighter, larger than life at 7 feet 8 inches tall. He’s peering forward valiantly, as if toward a burning building he’s about to enter. To artist Benjamin Victor, the sculpture represents the bravery of an entire profession.

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One of Their Own

January 2007

There’s a new firefighter at the Aberdeen Fire Department, and although he’s not real, he certainly looks the part. The nearly 8-foot-tall statue is a creation of 27-year-old Ben Victor, an artist in residence at Northern State University who is well known for his sculpture process.

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